Saturday, December 6, 2008

Fa-La-La-La-Laing all the way

Yesterday I took the day off for Ty and me to Christmas shop. Can I tell you he's not good at keeping secrets? We split up to do individual shopping and returned at the designated waiting spot. He tells me he's been to Crate and Barrel and purchased the item I was looking at the other night. Dah?! So, I know he's got me a wine cradle - many mahalos - he's sweet, I know - and then he asks me to open it up when I get home so we can put all the wine bottles in it. Already?
I asked him to promise NOT to tell me if he was going to buy me presents!

I guess we are both excited that it has taken over 20 years for us to be celebrating Christmas together again. So, we fa-la-la'ed all the rest of the day shopping. And tonight -- forecast is snow! Now, this Hawaiian is very excited -- (I'll let him savor that feeling because I'm sure come the end of December, he won't be sooo estatic.)

PS: He can't understand why I asked him to wrap the box (empty and all) and place it under the Christmas tree? Go figure.

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