Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Comfort Food

I very rarely get out for lunch so I have a stash of natural peanut butter and crackers to snack on during the hungry hour. The other day, while preparing my crackers, one of the maintenance men came by and recanted how he and his sister used to watch the monster double feature on Saturdays with peanut butter crackers (his had jelly too). My director used to reminisce too. While sharing a multi-ethnic Thanksgiving dinner a few years ago, this topic came up. It was interesting to hear the variety of 'comfort' one finds in what one is culturally used to eating. Surprisingly, both my adult children reminded me that there food was 'pastina' - I used to make it on Sunday nights because it was easy and economical! It was a macaroni and egg dish my aunt used to make me when I visited her in Providence. Guess I inadvertently passed on the tradition. Got me to thinking. What foods are YOUR comfort foods?

Saturday, September 8, 2012

It's been a while since I've blogged. So long, in fact, that I had to reacquaint myself with posting! Life has a way of getting too involved that sometimes the things that we like spending time doing get overlooked. So, enough of the excuses. I'm back. With the exception of a few trips to Chicago and NYC, I've only been traveling locally over these past few months. Thought it was time for Ty to actually see other parts of the Massachusetts area. Over the summer, long weekends were spent hiking along the coastline cities and towns and being tourists among out-of-state tourists! I've had the opportunity to check in on some of my blogging friends and hope to get back to others I have been absent from for a few months. Most I have kept up with on Facebook so I am able to keep quick notes to self about blogging friends. The photo is from this year's Falmouth Road race - a ritual for the family. This year the weather began rainy but as the day and face progressed there was a cool breeze for the runners. My daughter is in training for the New York marathon in November so she and her running friend joined my niece and her family as the Shore Street Team this year. I hope you have all had a remarkably safe and happy summer. It's been hot in the East -- but at least I haven't seen snow! Stay well!