Friday, July 17, 2009

Boston Blitz 3 - 'Southie'

Home to Matt Damon's quote, "How are them apples?"

South Boston was the first enclave for Irish immigrants to Boston. Over the years, the neighborhood has attracted professionals and a diversity of ethnic groups, although predominantly the people are of Irish heritage.

In the 70's during forced busing of students to integrate the Boston public schools, Southie was a rough area of Boston. Today it stands as a jewel with a rare coastline featuring beaches within the city limits. Hilly terrain allows great views of the Boston skyline. If you drive straight down L Street, you are only minutes to Boston's harbor district. Streets here are aligned in a grid pattern, probably the only semblance of any order to understanding and getting to know Boston streets.

Castle Island is part of the waterfront of Southie. When spring arrives, it's a ritual for most Bostonians to visit Sullivan's, a no frills fast food dive, and order the first of the season hot dog. These are second only to the Fenway franks.

You can watch the planes landing and taking off from Logan airport which is just on the other side of the Bay while eating an ice cream, walk around the bay, or visit the old fort. The L Street Bathhouse is home of the L Street Brownies, originally a group of men who swim all year round and take their annual nude dunk in the water on New Year's Day to toast their new year.

In addition to Goodwill Hunting, The Departed, Mystic River and Burn Baby Burn were shot in Southie. Its residents at one time included Dennis Lehane, award-winning novelist and Whitey Bulger, FBI's #1 Most Wanted.

Here's Southie for your pleasure....


Louise said...

Great photos. I especially love the little girl eating ice cream.

Trekcapri said...

Hi Flygirl, looks and sounds like a great place to live. Great photos. And that's quite a list of movies filmed in what looks to be a beautiful setting.

Thanks so much for sharing! Have a great weekend!

girasoli said...

I have only been there a couple of times. One of my college friends married a guy from Southie. Cool photos!

Just watched The Departed last weekend. Intense movie.