Monday, May 10, 2010

American Idol: Show Tunes

While Kathy initiated this posting with suggestions on tonight's songs, and her picks are totally right-on, I thought I would enter a few of my own thoughts -- just for argument sake!

I'm Alright - Lee (would be a stretch, but would be interesting to see how he could change it up)

Kiss from a Rose - Big Mike (would be in his genre of songs)

Let the River Run - Crystal (just because it's Carly Simon)

Eye of the Tiger - Casey (another stretch, but it would be interesting - Plus, I love this song).

Should be interesting:-)


Trekcapri said...

Hi Flygirl, awesome! What a coincidence, I actually had Kiss from a Rose for Mike, Let the River Run for Cyrstal and I'm Alright for Casey as possible pics too. I think they are great song choices and it would be very cool to see their versions.

Eye of the tiger would make a very interesting and also cool choice for Casey.

I enjoyed reading your song wish list. I think either one of these final 4 contestants can win the competition (although Cyrstal is my favorite) and their song choice will be almost as important as their performance. It will definitely be interesting to watch.

Annie said...

You and Kathy both came up with some great ideas. I love that Carly Simon song and would love to hear Chrystal sing it!