Friday, October 29, 2010

Cat Stevens

Over on the 'social network', Barb posted this link,, in our conversation about Cat Stevens. His music caught my soul in the 70's and I believe is still current today. He has surely led a rich, albeit provocative life to some people. His is truly an example of a life in flux which brought fulfillment, maybe contentment, in many layers.

His music is timeless; his lyrics heartwarming. It's too hard to pick one song that is my favorite. Think a revival today of his music would be meaningful?


Annie said...

I love his music from the 70's - haven't really kept up with what he's done more recently. Harold and Maude is one of my favorite movies and I love the songs he did for that.

Happy Halloween!

barb cabot said...

I am a big fan of his music. Thanks for posting the photos too.

girasoli said...

I LOVE Cat Stevens. My favorite song is Father and Son.