Friday, November 5, 2010


Alive as in an active volcano. This is the vog from Mount Etna in Sicily. In 2004 I visited Siciliy and Etna was kind enough to 'do her thing' for me the night I arrived. Each night we were treated to a natural display of red and yellow fireworks. During the day, vog settled around the mountain tops. I still think that the volcanic eruption had something to do with my contracting Legionnaire's disease after that trip, although no one in the medical profession would confirm this as fact.


ancient one said...

I'm not sure the volcano made you sick... the ash settling into the air filters, etc... is possible... Thank God you are still alive! ;)

Trekcapri said...

Hi M, that's a great photo. And what a coincidence to be in Sicily during an actual eruption. I'm sorry to hear that you got sick after your trip though.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Annie said...

A beautiful shot - love those streaming rays of light through the vog.

Have a great weekend!

girasoli said...

Cool photo. Great idea for the theme.

I was in Sicily in 2002. I think if I remember correctly it was simmering at the time.

We have vog often which causes lots of health problems and many people on the Big Island are close to the ongoing eruption. I have never heard of anyone here contracting Legionnaire's disease from the eruption or the vog. There is not much if any ash though. Can't remember if Mount Etna had a lot of ash.

Sorry you had to deal with Legionnaire's disease. Must have been horrible!

Marta said...

Beautiful photo of the volcano alive. I'm glad you survived the ordeal after.