Sunday, December 5, 2010

Technical question help re: You tube

Can anyone help? I have created a movie from a slideshow (using Quicktime) and uploaded it onto You Tube. The music is not working with the Youtube video, although it is in the slideshow and in the test file I created of the movie. Any ideas would be appreciated.


girasoli said...

It may be because it is a song that is copyrighted. Youtube removes songs from videos. I think they just remove all of the sound. I have seen it happen before but usually they put some sort of statement saying the audio was removed. Sometimes you can get away with using music if it is just part of a song. Not really sure if this is what happened since I don't know what music you used. Just a guess.

Trekcapri said...

Hi M, I upload videos to youtube but I have not experienced that problem. My initial guess would have been that the problem is in the created file and not youtube but you said that it works. My second guess would be that the format you have the movie in is not an accepted format on Youtube but when you upload it, it will tell you that during the upload process. Youtube accepts most of the formats to inlcude quicktime movies, so it couldn't be that as the source of the problem.

Maybe you can try to upload it again and see if it works. Maybe an error occured during the first upload.

Wish I could be of more help.

menehune said...

Thanks G and K! I've got this on my list to figure out - I think I will reload and use a different song. It's an itune song I purchased. Not sure why I can't use it but will try something else. One more item on my 'to do' list. Next is spending serious time with Photoshop elements..Happy Christmas to you all!

Marta said...

YouTube as an agreement with certain record labels such as Warner to not allow their music to be used on YouTube. I uploaded a video with the song "These are the Days" by 10,000 maniacs and YouTube blocked it. It will usually say 'audio disabled'. Even though you have purchased it, you don't have the right to redistribute it by posting it to the web.