Friday, January 7, 2011

I happened upon John Tarrant’s writings (Zen master from CA), that create some interesting juxtapositions while holding some truth in tenets I TRY to strive for. Notice the emphasis on ‘try’.

I thought it might be good to write them here as revitalization from those fleeting moments when the cold winter doldrums enter my heart and mind.

1. Life Is Uncertain, Surprises Are Likely.
2. Lower The Bar: If You Are Alive, That's Good
3. In A Dark Place You Still Have What Really Counts
4. If You Are In A Predicament, There Will Be A Gate
5. What You Need Might Be Given To You
6. The True Life Is In Between Winning And Losing
7. If You Have Nothing—Give It Away


Annie said...

These are great. The "lower the bar" one made me laugh! I love Zen. :)

Have a great weekend.

marta said...

These are definitely nice life tenants. Writing down what inspires you is a good step. Thanks for sharing. I just may copy these off for my times of struggle.