Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How Italian are you?

I lack the creativity to come up with this but took it from this month's Food Network magazine. Thought it might be fun being most of us claim to be Italian aficionados.....

Photos go along with No. 15.

NO PEEKING -- ANSWERS and scoring at the end of this posting.

1. Match the city or region to its famous dishes:
Cities/Region: Sicily, Naples, Rome, Bologna, Milan
Dishes: Spaghetti alla Carbonara, panettone, cannoli, pizza margherita, lasagna

2. When you drink cappuccio? A) Any time of day B) Only before Noon C) After dessert.

3. Name the following drinks: A) a cup that consists of 1/4 foam, 1/2 steamed milk, 1/4 espresso; B) a cup that consists of 1/3 foam, 1/3 steamed milk, 1/3 espresso; C) a cup that consists of 3/4 hot water and 1/4 espresso.

4. Tuscan bread is typically made without: A) yeast B) salt C) sugar.

5. Semolina is a type of ...... used in pasta making. A) Round cutte, B) Flour C) Salt D) Rolling Pin

6. Which treat is not deep fried? A) Torrone B) Zeppole C) Frittelle D) Cannoli

7. How do you pronouce these words:
Gnocchi A)"knock-ee" or B) "nyoh-kee"
Reggiano A) "reh-JYAH-noh" or B) "rej-ee-AHN-no"
Ricotta a) "ree-KAH-tuh" pr B) "REE-koh-tah"

8. Match the dish to its literal translation: Calzone, Ciabatta, Manicotti, Cappellacci; slipper, trouser, hats, sleeves

9. Put these meal stages in chronological order:
Secondo, Antipasto, Digestivo, Primo, Formaggio e frutta, dolce, apertivo, caffe

10. Place these noodles in order, thinnest to widest: A) Pappardelle B) Spaghetti, C) Linguine D) Fettuccine

11) Which of these meats does not come from a pig? A) Proscuitto B) Bresaola C) Capicola D) Mortadella

12) Pasta alle Vongole comes topped with: A) eggplant B) clams C) artichokes D) egg

13) Match the cheese to the animal: Pecorino Romano, Caprino, Asiago; A)Goat B) Cow C) Sheep

14) Which of these do you have in your kitchen right now? (Here's where you can rack up the points!) Fresh parmesan, fresh garlic, pizza stone, ravioli stamp, mezzaluna, expresso maker, panini press.

15. Name the Italian pastry in the photos:

16. What color pasta is in a traditional lasagna bolognese: A) Yellow, B) Black C) Green.

True or False:

17. By Italian law, parmesan cheese must age at least 12 months before it can be sold.

18. Olive oil, like wine, gets better as it ages.

19. Small gnocchi are called gnocchetti.

20. In addition to pasta, the term "al dente" can refer to the firmness of beans, rice and vegetables.

[Strangely (!), I did exceptionally well on items 5, 6 and 14~]

1. One point for each correct answer: Milan-Panettone, Rome-Spaghetti alla carbonara, Naples-Pizza Margherita; Sicily-Cannoli.

2. B 1 point. Italians don't typically drink milky coffee drinks after noon because they believe milk interferes with digestion.

3. 1 point for each correct answer: A) Caffe Latte, B) Cappuccino and C) Caffe Americano.

4. B 1 point. Tuscan meats and cheeses are highly salted, so the bread is not.

5. B 1 point.

6. A 1 point. Torrone is nougat made from whipped egg whites, honey, vanilla ad walnuts or almonds.

7. 1 point for each correct answer: Gnocchi is B) "NYOH-kee"; Reggiano is A)"reh-JYAH-noh"; and Ricotta is B) "REE-koh-tah"

8. 1 point for each correct answer: Calzone is B) Trouser; Ciabatta is A) Slipper; Manicotti is D) Sleeves; and Cappellacci is C) Hats.

9. Give yourself 3 points if you got the entire order correct; 2 if you missed just one, 0 if you missed more than one. Aperitivo, Antipasto, Primo, Secondo, Formaggio e frutta, Dolce, Caffe, Digestivo.

10. Give yourself 1 point if you got the order correct: B) Spagetti, C) Linguine, D) Fettuccine and A) Papparadelle.

11. B 1 point. Brasaola is air-dried salted beef.

12. B 1 point.

13. 1 point for each correct answer: Pecorino Romano - C) Sheep; Caprino - A) Goat; Asiago - B) Cow.

14. Give yourself 1 point for each tool or ingredient you have on hand.

15. 1 point for each correct answer: Tricolore, Struffoli, Biscotti, Sfogliatelle.

16. C 1 point.

17.-20. True of False?
17. T
18. F
19. T
20. T

Tally your points:

0 -14 points-Italian in Training
15-29 points - Italian at Heart
20-44 points Full-blooded Italian


girasoli said...

Fun quiz! I scored 30 points.

Trekcapri said...

Hi M, my score was only 15, not very italian results. Guess I have to travel to Italy more often to boost up my scores. :) thanks for the fun quiz. No surprise that I got #9 correct.

Thanks and have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

26! Would not have done as well if I hadn't just gone to Italy. Thanks for the quiz