Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I've been away for awhile, as those on Facebook know. Just back from our Hawaii vacation and have posted many photos on my facebook page. Ty's dad was feted for his 90th birthday and for the first time met most of his Maui family. It was a great few days on Maui, wonderfully memorable Kauai adventures, and nostalgic days on Oahu for Ty and me.

One of my 'themes' in photo-taking this time was 'keiki' as many of the children from Hawaii are of mixed heritage, which produces some exquisite and adorable children. I did not post many of these photos on my FB page, so I thought I would give you a sampling of Hawaii's finest treasures. I hope you enjoy!


Trekcapri said...

Hi M, this is a wonderful collection of the beautiful children in Hawaii. Welcome back from your vacation. And how special it must have been for Ty to celebrate his dad's 90th birthday with family.

Sounds like a wonderful trip and I'm glad you had a wonderful time. I hope to hear more about your Hawaii adventures.

Thanks so much for sharing.

menehune said...

Thanks, K! It was a trip that both of us enjoyed tremendously. It was Ty's first time home in 3 years and a very special occasion indeed. I got to meet most of his extended family. And then got back to Oahu and spent gloriously uncharacteristically sunny and warm days (no rain) on Kauai! It's the travel to Hawaii that is the challenge from the East Coast!

Annie said...

What beautiful photos! Sounds like a wonderful vacation. I'm sure it is a long trip from the East Coast but completely worth it. Welcome home!