Thursday, May 5, 2011

I caved

.. and got a Kindle prior to my Hawaii trip. Thought I would miss the feel of the paper and turning pages but didn't know how I was going to pack all the books I wanted to bring with me. Yup, shorts, bathing suits and sleeveless tops take a lot of room~

This trip was for serious relaxation so reading was a top priority. I shopped Amazon for six books and tucked the Kindle into my hand bag. Voila. Even ordered a Kauai tourbook (OK-I got carried away with the ordering aspect of it. I've been to Kauai 3 times and have a seasoned tour guide beside me but couldn't stop myself)!

Last weekend I was having a pedi/manicure and the woman beside me asked me how I liked the Kindle. She had the same reservations as I had...seems I wasn't alone. Have to say the Kindle is a good way to travel.


sandrac said...

I'm very envious! A Kindle would be brilliant for travel. I'm now in that hellish state of trying to decide what books to take to Italy which is tough -- I always wind up with Agatha Christie paperback mysteries so I can leave them behind as I go.

Trekcapri said...

Hi M, congrats on your new Kindle. I think its a great idea and a definite space saver leaving more room for those Hawaii souvenirs. I heard that the Kindle is great when reading in sunshine.

Wonderful to hear that you had a nice relaxing vacation in Kauai.

Annie said...

Interesting! I'm a hold out too, love paper, but can see that it's a great way to travel without hauling a bunch of heavy books!

menehune said...

I can sympathize, Sandra. It was great knowing I could have loaded the Kindle with 100s of books really! It's one of those great current technological achievements. My more specifically targeted genre of books (Hawaiian spirituality, mythology) is not on Kindle -- yet. Happy packing!