Thursday, September 15, 2011

PhotoHunt: Wooden

A slight diversion - what's with the new layout in blogger? Don't they know I need a bit of a learning curve? This week's theme is wooden. Here are a few wooden boat winches (not wenches!) taken last week in an open-air 'antique' barn. I can only imagine the size of the boat, or rather ship, these were attached to.


Trekcapri said...

Hi M, very cool photo and a great take on the theme. I'm thinking of a Captain Jack the Black Pearl size ship for those winches.

Have a great weekend.

Annie said...

Those are such cool artifacts. I've read about winches but never actually seen what they look like.

Happy weekend!

flygirl said...

Ayay thee' matie!

YTSL said...

Cool photo and yeah, what's with the new blogger stuff? I hate it when the companies decide we need new/upgraded stuff and aggressively push it on us. :S

JDeQ said...

I see what you mean - those must have been huge boats!

BTW - I share your upset with new blogging formats - I HATE it when thye just change without notice. Who needs a constant learning curve? Once in awhile I'd like to just rest there on top of that curve and enjoy the view for awhile. LOL

Have a great weekend.