Monday, November 3, 2008

Photo Hunt: Blue

Ok-Sorry seems to be a common word on this blog. Sorry, that I'm late once again posting my Photo Hunt photo. May be Verizon will be more on top of things :!

Anyway, my blue photo is a typical flower from a common bush at Cape Cod - the hydrangea. There are many types of hydrangea - and many colors depending on the acidity of the soil. Sometimes people say that the salt air becomes factor in coloration -but scientifically, not so sad to say.

This past summer I was treating the soil around one hydrangea to change the colors from a vibrant pink to a purplish-blue. My niece's son was assisting me by ranking the soil. He asked if adding acid to the soil would change any flower - not just a hydrangea. Of course, with my teacher's training, I insisted he use the inquiry and experiment method - to find out for himself. ... So Tim -- what do you say?

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girasoli said...

Beautiful flowers!