Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Boston Blitz #6: Charles Street and Beacon Hill

If ever there was a 'historic' section of Boston (Historic Landmark), it's Beacon Hill, specifically running from Charles Street up to the State House. It was the only street connecting Boston to Cambridge when it was called the Shawmut Peninsula.

This is the area noted for antique stores, sophisticated shoppers and 5 star dining. The Boston Brahmins lived here in colonial Boston. The Cabots, Eliots, Endicotts, Adams, Jacksons and Lodges and Alcotts made it their playground. There is a famous quote in Bostonians' local folklore: "In Boston, the home of the bean and the cod, Where Cabots speak only to Lodges And Lodges speak only to God."

The architecture here is typically New England - brick, cobblestone streets and lots of ironwork. Louisberg Square epitomizes the area with its bow front windows, neatly painted facades, gas lanterns and a green 'square' in the middle of the street.


Trekcapri said...

Hi Flygirl, wonderful post and photos. It's so great learning more about Boston. A co-worker visited there a couple of years ago specifically because of his interest in architecture. He really loved his visit there and now I can see and understand why.

Thank you so much for continuing to share Boston with us.

Annie said...

Nice shots. Love that quote!

girasoli said...

Cool photos! Fun reading about this area. There is so much about Boston I still don't know.