Saturday, August 8, 2009

PhotoHunt: Low

Quahogging at low tide on the Cape. Quahogs are large clams - generally diced, and prepared in a bread crumb stuffing mix with bacon and baked. Yum.

The best way to quahog is in waders at low tide with a rake. You end up raking the mud from the bottom or if in a shallow spot, bending with your hands and 'yanking' the mother (I mean 'quahog') out of the muck.

I know it sounds almost barbaric - and altho I never personally did it because I used to sink in the mud, my uncles did this as an annual ritual when I was small, and my grandmother patiently awaited their return from their outing in the marshes to begin dicing and preparing these succulent bivalves....


marta said...

That is very cool to know. The clams around here are much more difficult to harvest. You have to dig them out of the sand and they love to dig deeper. This sounds a bit easier. Just a bit. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi marta! Yes, the soft shell clams are dug the same way on the East Coast as you describe for the West Coast. Somehow being in muck up to your knees seems a little more grueling to me - at least that was how it was for me in my single digit years:-) menehune

Annie said...

What a cool shot! I've heard of quahogging but never seen it and had no idea they were in water so deep. Great take on the theme!

Hope you're having a nice weekend.

girasoli said...

Cool take on the theme! I never knew how it was done before.

I would say that I am feeling pretty "low" after watching the game today on Fox (of course I muted the sound and listened to WRKO's slightly delayed audio). The ump was a jerk but even so we lost the game all on our own without hitting. At least Bucholz held his own. Oh and if A-Rod is going to lie about getting hit, he should point to the correct shoulder. Strange that it ended up being a strike!

Last night's game (still Saturday here) was a heartbreaker! I really felt for the new young pitcher. What a spot to be put in on his first outing. I was not surprised at all about Thursday's game. At least finally Smoltz is gone.

And Papi... I really want to believe him.

flygirl said...

Muck and quahogging - think that's why they taste so good! You are very welcome, Annie.

Girasoli - amen, sista...low can't describe the feeling...and YES to ARod - I used to call Posada the 'whiner' but it's now Alex's nickname.

Trekcapri said...

Hi Flygirl, great photo and take on this week's theme. Quahogging is a cool term and the process seems hard if they dig so deep. But I bet the fresh clams are really delicious.

Thanks so much for this wonderful post. Have a great Sunday!