Saturday, December 5, 2009

PhotoHunt: Curved

Both of these photos were taken in England. The first is a rower on the Thames, under an arched/curved bridge. The second, well, what can I say - curved lines of a spider's web. PS: Sorry I haven't been blogging of late - life seems to be a little hectic at the moment. Hope this week is better. Enjoy your weekend - we are getting our first forecast of snow.


girasoli said...

These are both very cool and creative photos for the theme this week. Great choices!

I hope you are feeling better and things get back to normal for you real soon.

At the moment, my dad is better. Thanks. I still worry about him though. I have had a crazy work week, so I am exhausted again, but I will recover. :)

By the way, the prediction has been 40-50 feet waves on Monday on the North Shore. This morning in the paper, they are now saying a historic 60 feet!! Of course that is the new way they measure the waves with the face so I am not sure how that translates to the old way - but I am guessing close to 40 feet!

barb cabot said...

Hope things slow down a bit for you. It's a crazy time of year. Rest up if you can. Love the photos you chose. Take care.

Trekcapri said...

Hi Flygirl, great photos for this week's theme. The spider web close up is cool and I love the rower under the curved bridge in London.

I hope you have a less hectic week this week. Have a great day and take care. Stay warm too.

Annie said...

Love both of these! I know what you mean about hectic - tis the season, it seems. Hope you enjoyed the snow (if it came!).