Friday, February 12, 2010

Gratitude Friday: Roses

This morning, my work desk was adorned by a huge arrangements of luscious-smelling pink roses. Don't I wish every work day began like this! I am grateful for the special love in my life and his attentiveness.

My garden contains 15 varieties of rose bushes, mostly English roses. Thank you David Austin! I am hopeful they will survive this winter season. The colors and scents of roses are one reason I garden.

Happy Valentine's Day early to y'all! (Sorry, I don't have my camera with me. This is from the net, but it portrays the idea).


candi said...

I love pink roses. Great way to start a work day!

Anne said...

Oh how wonderful!! I love roses...their velvety softness and sweet smell is heavenly! My favourites are orange, but they are all gorgeous.

girasoli said...

Glad you found someone special that is so attentive and kind.