Friday, February 19, 2010

Urban Cowgirl

Yes, I'm an aficionado of music, 'master of none'. Each genre of music is on my ipod. Recently, I've been listening more to country music. Maybe because the beat gets me on the much-needed cardio machines at the gym in the early morning. Maybe the reason is Rick, a drummer by desire, who turned me on the Phil Vassar.

But how can you not enjoy country when some of the lyrics are: "save a horse, ride a cowboy". Or, "..and the coconut replaces the smell of the bar/I don't know if it's her or the rum." Or, "Carlene was the valedictorian/I was the quarterback in the back of classes".


Anne said...

I'm the same way, really have no favourite style, although go through phases of listening to one more than another. I love some country music (Dwight Yoakum! ♥) Speaking of country music lyrics: "you've got sawdust on the floor of your heart" has always tickled my funny bone!

flygirl said...

Anne, I love it - them!

Annie said...

Gotta agree that some of the lyrics to country songs are hilarious!