Tuesday, March 23, 2010

An Italian Affair

Sounds like a sensational, sensual pleasure, si?

Candi's blog entry about Florence, Sandra's entry on in-flight entertainment are making me itchy to travel again. October was the last of my ventures. Italy in September can't come soon enough.

To assuage my hunger, I developed a list from researching SlowTravel, Amazon and a few other sites for books set in Italy. Currently reading An Italian Affair by Laura Fraser, an autobiographical memoir and travelogue about Florence, Ischia and a few other places around the world. I'm just getting into the book, but it had me at the first line - Mi hai spaccato il cuore. (You have broken my heart.)


Sandrac said...

I have meant to read this book for a long time -- I hope you'll post a review when you're finished.

Happy trip planning!

Anne said...

I must look for this book, it sounds intriguing. I love that opening line, that would hook me in too! I am longing for a return to Italy myself. Although happily I have my other new journey to be excited about so my feet are not as itchy as they might otherwise be!