Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

The East Coast was hit (no exaggeration) with 72 hours of pelting rain, winds, and sometimes hail. Many have been affected with flooding rivers, streams, basements and homes. Fortunately, we came through only feeling the after effects of road closures and detours to work. Ahhh, I'm dreaming of spring.

It's my son, Joe's 'match' day tomorrow for determining where he spends his next 4 years of medicine --- would appreciate your sending prayers and positive thoughts his way. Mahalo!
(Photo courtesy of Boston Globe)


Annie said...

It's been in the news down here - glad you came thru it okay.

girasoli said...

Where was this photo taken?

Wishing Joe luck and thinking postive thoughts for him to get the match he wants tomorrow.

flygirl said...

G: Photo was taken from the Charles River --

Marta said...

Wow! that was a huge storm. I'm glad to hear no damage other than inconvenience.