Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gratitude Friday: Hope

That elusive feeling. Desperate without it. Life changing with it.

I had this discussion the other day with my son who lost a colleague to cancer seemingly suddenly. Although he is in the profession of medicine, this death was a struggle for him. As a mother, my instinct is to console - no matter what age - the child experiencing sadness. It seems difficult to find adequately comforting words when a child is in grief. The word that arose often in our conversation was hope.

Last month, my daughter's roommate from college was to be married. Less than 24 hours before the wedding the groom died in his sleep. It was a tragic experience for everyone who was anticipating this happy event. My daughter was comforting her roommate, and I was comforting her in the privacy of her room, wondering if she would soon understand that in the darkest of times, hope remains kindled..maybe not brightly but it still is a flicker.

We can only have hope to propel us through to our life's dreams because we really don't know our destiny. And for that reason, we need to live each day fully with the satisfaction of knowing at day's end that we have given it our best.


Trekcapri said...

Hi M, I'm so sorry to hear about the sadness that both your children are going through. It must be so difficult for you as a parent. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful post about hope and living each day to the fullest and best that we can.

Take care.

Annie said...

Beautiful thoughts. What a wonderful model you are for your kids, being able to remember hope in sad dark times. They are lucky to have you for a mom!

Anne said...

My friend, what a beautiful, uplifting and inspiring post. Hope is keeps us moving in times of darkness. What a blessing that you were able to shine your light of hope for your son and daughter as they struggled with their losses.

Hope is a perfect thing for which to be grateful.