Monday, August 15, 2011

PhotoHunt: One

One Native American runner amid the 11,000+ at the Falmouth Road Race this weekend. It's an annual road race and an annual family event. This year there were only family 7 runners. One year we had 11. Next year they will run as a team.

My daughter registered and ran as my 72 year old sister (only residents can run if you don't make the qualifications) and Julie placed first in her category! HAHA! Of course, we couldn't let that go without a bit of ribbing so my niece's husband called my sister and said he was from New Balance (this year's sponsor) and wanted to set up an interview with her for running the race in a little over 1 hour (close to the record in that age group) and the first woman in that age category from Falmouth. We had her going for a while. She tried to break into his congratulations by telling the truth, but he kept on congratulating her.


Trekcapri said...

Hi M, very cool photo and choice for the this week's theme. Sounds like a fun family tradition. And that's a funny story about the joke you played on your daughter. :)

Have a good week.

Annie said...

Love the pic and the story! It IS a great family tradition.