Wednesday, March 28, 2012

ABC Wednesday: J is for jewelry

Still trying to play catchup: J is for jewelry. In the past, a summer family tradition was jewelry beading on the eve before the Falmouth Road Race in August. We would 'help' our younger family members bead jewelry. All this was to raise money for the Woods Hole Oceanographic Museum. As you can see, everyone (males included) were recruited to lend a hand to designing something for the younger siblings to sell. Actually, it became a contest to see whose design, male or female, would sell first. (The men have been the winners in that category.)

The morning of the road race, while those who were running were shuttled to the starting line at Woods Hole, the younger ones would set up a lemonade stand and jewelry display for the bystanders along the road race route.

It was a great way in demonstrating to the young'uns HOW to give back to their community while having fun.


Annie said...

What a great and fun family tradition!

Trekcapri said...

Hi M, that's such a cool family tradition and a great way to give to a good cause. And they seem to have a lot of fun too.

Have a wonderful weekend.