Thursday, April 9, 2009

PhotoHunt: Triangle

Triangle with a twist :-) Found some in different cities I've been to lately. Some shapes are easier to find than no particular order: Maui, Rome, France, NYC,DC, Oahu

Buona Pasqua and Happy Passover.


girasoli said...

Beautiful selection of triangle shots :)

Did you catch the game today? My stomach was in knots in the ninth. So glad they won!

Also saw last night's game (we get Fox West here so we get most of the Angel games). So sad watching the tribute to Nick Adenhart. Been a tough week with the Italy earthquake and then the 3 senseless deaths due to a drunk driver who already had one conviction. When will people learn??

Anonymous said...

It is alarming, isn't it? It gets harder focuses on people who are positive influences.

Yes, the Red Sox do make it enjoyable to watch -- got my Rolaids out. But, it's early so anything is possible. Orioles seem to be doing well, tho. So, long as it's not the Yankees:-)M

Annie said...

Lots of nice triangles in these images!

flygirl said...

Thank you, Annie. Looking forward to your review of the book you are reading! Menehune