Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Big One

'Red Sox fans refuse to turn against Ortiz. They just can't. They owe him too much for 2004 and 2007. It's like turning on Santa Claus or happy hour.' So says ESPN’s Sports Guy. Really? I feel for him; he’s not a quitter and has been consistent since 2002 but he is getting older, misses Manny in the lineup, and for whatever other reasons there are, he's in a monumental slump. And it's costing the Red Sox money. True, he's not the only problem at the moment and it's early in the season. But how much longer will the Red Sox organization be patient with Big Pappi? He's been the face of the Red Sox for awhile now and one of the positive attributes of this organization is that not only are they successful businessmen, they also have a heart.

There’s talk of a possible trade – but I keep the hope burning that soon (and it definitely needs to be soon) his bat will make contact with the ball for a hit – any hit will do. I still believe…..


Trekcapri said...

Hi Flygirl, I hope Big Poppi makes contact soon too!

flygirl said...

Hi Kathy: Glad your are a believer too...and he did make contact last night - thank goodness! Hope he's on the 'upswing'. Have a good one, menehune

Annie said...

We all go through slumps of various kinds and I feel bad for athletes and others who have to slump in the public eye! Glad to hear he made contact last night.

girasoli said...

We are up to 2 HRs now!!! I don't think I could ever boo Papi. He has just done too much for us. It breaks my heart watching him strike out so much.

I liked Simmon's quote: "The best way I can describe Fenway during any Papi at-bat is this: It's filled with 35,000 parents of the same worst kid in Little League who dread every pitch thrown in the kid's direction." That is just how I feel when he is up.

Yes he is not helping us much and I am glad they moved him down in the line up, but right now I think Lugo is a much bigger problem. At least Papi is not giving away runs. And still I feel bad for Lugo also even though I want him traded pronto.

I really shouldn't with the money they make, but I guess I am a sucker when it comes to watching ballplayers struggle.

I still have hope for Papi. Of course I still had hope all those years we lost up until the very last pitch of the season. I guess that is what makes me a Red Sox fan :)

flygirl said...

Lugo, agreed! He was interviewed and you could sense his defensiveness about being tested in his position and his skills. Oh, well -- so goes baseball...So true, so goes Boston baseball. Things are heating up! Yankees in town this week...should be great games.