Thursday, June 4, 2009

PhotoHunt: Advertising

From one corner of the US (Times Square, NYC) to the other corner (Maui, HI):


Eden said...

Cool photos! I saw some Spam inside that store (- on the shelves... ) in Makawao. (Shhh, a secret- but I like Spam and eggs with rice for breakfast! :))

Oh, and I wanted to ask if it was inappropriate (politically incorrect) for me to post the conch player in one of my previous post.

My "advertisement" post is up too - right here.

girasoli said...

Cool photos! It must be amazing standing in NYC seeing all of those billboards with so many lights!

After living in Hawaii for so long where there are no billboards (some law here) I am always in shock when I go back to the mainland.

Love the t-shirts.

flygirl said...

Truthfully, G, being in Times Square can be a little 'dizzying'! I like the idea of no billboards 'screaming' at you...This is one thing that Ty can't get over seeing on the mainland.

Annie said...

These are great. I love NYC (to visit but I wouldn't want to live there, as they say).

Hope you had a great weekend!