Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Big W...Wimbledon - of course!

Fourth of July conjures images of fireworks, big family parties, ice cream, road races, stripes, flags and Wimbledon. I can't wait to watch this every year. Finals could be Serena v. Safina? Or better yet, Serena v. Venus! How about Roddick v. Federer? Or an upset would be fun.

You would think I was a sports queen of sorts from my posts...hardly. Heck, when I was in high school I barely knew the difference between an inning and a half. (Case in point: an old 'baseball' boyfriend asked me how many innings there are in a baseball game to which I replied, "4, of course!")

I played tennis - lots of it in my 'younger' years. Now, the stamina to play singles just isn't there anymore. Baseball, well, that just runs through most Bostonians' veins; soccer - never played but all my children, nieces, nephews and a second generation is now playing now. It's running in the family's bloodline.

Game, set, match!

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Trekcapri said...

Hi Flygirl, I enjoy watching Wimbeldon too. Roddick vs Federer and Serena vs Venus would be very cool!

Happy 4th and enjoy the matches!