Thursday, October 22, 2009

An Invitation in Dead Time

Fortunately, I have worked with one of the gentlest, wisest, most caring people in the Jesuit order. Indirectly he taught me daily something new about myself and realizations about my spirituality. Along with his passion for contemporarizing spirituality, he was a crafter of thoughts with words.

I still keep one of the sentences he used in some of his talks, and thought I would share it, this personal question, with you.

“What is your defining horizon?”

This was just one question he would ask you to ponder in ‘dead’ (spare/free)time. I thought that was truly painting a visual picture!

I'll share with you mine: when my mom died I was young and did not realize the impact her death or her influence and the depth of my loss until I had children; a counselling session while going through divorce proceedings when I realized I could and would survive; a Mother's Day card from my son, broke because of med school, but presented a most thoughtful letter about being a son to me; remeeting Ty.


Trekcapri said...

Hi Flygirl, thank you so much for sharing your defining horizons and for writing such a beautiful post.

It is definitely something everyone should take the time to think about.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Anne said...

What a wonderful and inspiring question. I will take some time to think about what my defining horizons are. Thanks for sharing this story.