Sunday, January 15, 2012

PhotoHunt: Circular

Maybe it's because I'm hungry! Oh, and of course, the ball sculpture from London!


Anne said...

Oh look, something shiny! I should have that pile of shiny balls as my wallpaper, I am so prone to now, when in theory I am doing my homework. lol

Annie said...

That first one makes me hungry too! And I love the sculpture, great find.

Hope you have a good week!

Trekcapri said...

Hi M, great photos for the theme. I hove the shiny ball sculpture and the bread and cheese, yum.

It's funny, my friend and I attended this Photography workshop yesturday at this travel show and the speaker had slide after slide of photos of food he shot on an assignment in Mexico. We got so hungry as soon as we left we made a b-line for dinner.:) Either we were already hungry or his photos were that good.

Have a great week.

girasoli said...

Happy New Year!! (a little belated). Hope you had a nice holiday.

Very cool photos of the shiny balls! AND YUM with the food photo.

Annie said...

Hi again, not sure if you have time to participate in another photo meme but if you do, some of us are joining this one, ABC Wednesday (they are starting Round Ten thru the alphabet this week).

Hope you are having a good week!