Friday, May 22, 2009

Angels and Demons

In fact I thought Angels and Demons was a better read than The DiVinci Code so I was eager to see the movie with Tom Hanks ... yawn.

It was nice to see Rome and the Vatican again in the film, but true to most movies made from books - IMHO - it leaves something to be desired. Any one else see it?


girasoli said...

Haven't read either book and only recently have seen The DiVinci Code on TV. I enjoyed it and will probably get Angels and Demons through netflix when it comes out. Even if it is a yawn movie, seeing Rome will be worth it :)

I agree that movies are never as good as books. That is why I usually read the book after the movie (I know strange but I also read the end of the book after reading a couple of chapters in a book).

girasoli said...

Me again. Now that was a crappy loss today! We should have won that game.

flygirl said...

Yes, crappy loss! And I had Ty apologizing with a smile on his face (loves the Mets) ... don't think the Sox were quite up for these games or thought they might be easier to win? The Mets pitchers, after Santana, are adequate at best!

Annie said...

I've read both books but seen neither movie and agree that Angels and Demons was the better book! Not sure if I'll see the movie or not.