Sunday, May 24, 2009

School's Out for Summer

Three cheers for teachers!

Memorial Day Weekend is a reminder that summer is here (as well as thanksgiving to our vets, and school is almost out for summer. That and the fact that I have a paper to write on vocation for a seminar I am to take shortly, reminded me of the influence teachers have (overtly and covertly) on the lives of their class.

Working in an academic collegial setting, I am constantly amazed with the amount of time, care and attention faculty devote to their profession. Ah, and there's the 'rub', it's not really a profession for them as with many occupations, it's really a vocation - a calling, a dedication and sharing. They give so much of themselves daily for the mere satisfaction of furthering the development of their students both intellectually and emotionally.

I'm always perplexed that our society pays athletes astronomical sums of money and yet teachers are one of our lowest paying occupations.


Trekcapri said...

Hi Flygirl, Great post! I'm so with you on this topic. Teachers are so important for what they do for our children, our community and for our future and they should be paid their worth and more.

I once served on a jury with a teacher and she told me that her school district gives so little money to them and she always ends up spending over a thousand dollars of her own money each year to be able to do the things in her classroom to enhance the learning experience for her kids. So much dedication!

Your post reminded me of some of the special teachers I had growing up and how they influenced me so much. Thanks for writing this post and Kudos to all the dedicated teachers out there.

girasoli said...

Nice to read a positive comment on teachers. We have been bashed a lot here lately in Hawaii. Because we are state workers and the state is financially in a mess, things are not good here right now. We are being threatened with furloughs, loss in pay, higher medical costs, and the comments in general against teachers are pitiful.

So many people don't get it. Teachers are a crucial part of our future. We should be supported, not criticized.

Woohoo Sox!! 1st place! Youk was robbed today but he showed them with his next HR. No one could call that a foul ball. Much better game today and it was on TBS so I could watch it :)

Happy Sunday!!