Sunday, May 10, 2009

Donna Leon Characters

Have you read any of these books? Each are an easy read; genre of suspense with a little comedy thrown in. But, the characters are rich with personality. I commented on this with Annie(Churches in Venice,

'Annie, I thought the same about the colorful characters - think one of these novels with the idiosyncracies of each main character would make a great movie/suspense/comedy! Who would play Guido Brunetti (Paola, Chiara, Raffi), his sidekick, Vianello, and the fashionista administrator, Elltra?'

If you are familiar with the subjects of these novels, it might be fun to choose an actor for these parts. For fodder:

Guido Brunetti, Ben Affleck
Paola, his wife, Julia Roberts

Elltra, Christina Applegate
Vianelli, Matt Damon
Vice Questore Giuseppe Patti, Michael Douglas

Brunetti children: Raffi and Chiara: hmmm?


Trekcapri said...

Hi Flygirl, I haven't picked up a Donna Leon book since my trip to Venice in 2007 and have forgotton the characters. I enjoyed her writing and need to start reading again. Great post!

Annie said...

There was a televised adaptation on PBS a few years ago; I couldn't watch it because the actor who played Brunetti was so unlike what I picture him to be!

I think that Paola is blonde and Elettra brunette? I imagine Elettra as Audrey Hepburn but not sure about a fiesty blonde to play Paola.

Like your choices of Ben and Matt to play Brunetti and Vianello!