Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuedays Teasers

The instructions are on Fissy Thoughts blog: http://fissythoughts.com/

Can't seem to get enough of Donna Leon's novels. If my memory serves me correctly and these days - well, 'not so much' these days - I think Annie's mention of one of her novels led me to this writer as the setting for most of these novels is Venice. (Initially mentioned on Annie's blog, Churches in Venice, http://www.slowtrav.com/blog/annienc/)

This excerpt is from "Doctored Evidence", page 88: "These reflections were interrupted by his sense of fair play and by intruding memories of some of the things he'd recently witnessed here in the oh-so-superior North."


Annie said...

I finished the new one, "About Face" and really enjoyed it. The characters in this series are so wonderful!

m said...

Annie, I thought the same about the colorful characters - think one of these novels with the idiosyncrocies of each main character would make a great movie/suspense/comedy! Who would play Guido Brunetti (Paula, Chiara, Raffi), his sidekick, Vianello, and the fashion brain, Elltra?