Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Georges Rouault and Conflicted Souls

What’s old is new again.

I’m not one to write about political beliefs on a public forum, but it’s evident that our current global society (economy, environment, world peace) is broken. This is not a political statement, or even a social commentary: it’s just the reality.
Just look at the front cover of the New York Times

Maybe a stretch, but I can compare the current atmosphere with that of Georges Rouault, a painter (1869-1958) influenced by social commentary. I recently viewed his work which is spiritually, and at times mystically, infused by his definition of the human and social condition of his time. His view of people who were yearning for justice in a world of hypocrisy and pretense. He crafted his subjects ‘masked’ to hide their worldly suffering or secret plans.

Somewhat a universal and timely message.

"Nothing is old, nothing is new, save the light of grace underneath which beats a human heart. The way of feeling, of understanding, of loving; the way of seeing the country, the faces that your father saw, that your mother knew. The rest is chimerical..." ~Georges Rouault

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