Sunday, September 28, 2008

Meme: Have you ever

OK-I'll play . Not sure WHY but looks like fun - you may change your mind about me after reading this:-)

have you ever...

1. gone on a blind date? Yes, once and only once.
2. skipped school? Yes, OK this is a prelude the rest of this meme as I was a rebellious teenager.
3. been on the opposite side of your country? Well - this is pretty much a quote taken from Girasoli's blog at
"Yes. I grew up in Massachusetts and now live in Hawaii. That is pretty much as opposite as you can get." Please change 'now live' to 'lived'
4. swam in the ocean? The ocean runs in my veins.
5. had your booze taken away by the cops? Yes and he turned out to be a former neighbor of my family.
6. lettered in a high school sport? No. Com'n-I went to a Catholic all-girl's high school in the 60s --the only sport was basketball or cheerleading. I'm too short for basketball - was a cheerleader for one year before I got bored by it all.
7. cried yourself to sleep? Yes-unfortunately, many times.
8. played a musical instrument? Yes, piano and a brief stint with an acoustic guitar.
9. sung karaoke? Nope. Singing in the shower only or with Ty to the oldies while driving.
10. cheated on an exam? Not that I can remember.
11. played spin-the-bottle? For sure.
12. laughed until some sort of beverage came out of your nose? Probably.
13. watched the sun rise with someone you care about? Yes.
14. ever been arrested? Nope.
15. gone ice skating? Yes, many times.
16. been skinny dipping? Yes, many times.
17. been on television? Yes, when I was young-Rex Trailer.
18. thrown up in front of a date? Yes.

Credit for her creativity in thinking this one !

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