Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hey, Paisano!

I don't know why I am always amazed when I run into someone that I later determine is related to me. The probability is, upon reflecton, quite high.

There were 10 siblings on my mother's side and each had at least 3 children (30). Seven boys (God bless my grandmother) on the other side (one bachelor and one childless) and each had at least 2 children (~10). In 1985, we had a family reunion for just one side of the family and 164 people were present. So, when I run into someone who has a family surname, I ask them about their family. After the preliminary questions of where did you grow up and parents' names, there's a connection made. This happened today in a phone conversation with someone. After speaking to him, I asked his name for my file reference - and sure enough - we are related!

Even when I was living in Hawaii in the 70s, I was contacted by a cousin who resided there (and I had only met him once - much older than I). I hardly knew him, but he was family and it felt good to be with family so far away from home.

When I was younger my father and mother would sometimes describe someone in conversation as "you know, he's a paisan." Seriously, I think everyone with a bit of Italian blood is related. After all, if you read about the emporers, kings, masters of arts, and even the popes, they fathered many families......hmm, makes you wonder?

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