Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Wanna Go!

Yes, I've been to Hawaii - many times -- three in the last two years. Lived there briefly. But I wanna go again! I miss the land. I miss the people. I miss the smell - I swear it's the permeation of the intoxicating, sweet-smelling plumeria that aids to my addiction to these islands. Of course, the warm weather and constant sun helps.

So, my friends leave next week for Kauai, probably my most favorite of the islands (followed closely by Maui). I'm jealous. I'll just have to dream about Hanalei Bay, which has to be the most pictureque beach in the islands, and the rugged beauty of the Napali Cliffs.

As the song goes: "When you see Hanalei by moonlight
You will be in heaven by the sea."

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