Friday, September 26, 2008

Oh, Sarah p-l-e-a-s-e!

You know I generally don't talk about politics on a public forum, but I'm still shaking my head over this inane comment from a woman (and I say that with emphasis because, halleluia at first I thought it's about time we are finally represented but ..), who may hold a powerful position in our country (and we all know what condition that's in) with a hostile attitude. Sarah, give me a break, please!

Did you happen to hear the Katie Couric interview of Sarah Palin last night? She asked why Sarah didn't get her passport until just recently? Sarah's snooty reply in effect was: I was not one of those who upon graduating college, her parents gave her a passport and a backpack. Noooooo, I worked two jobs most of my life until I was married ... Most of my learning about the world has been done in other mediums like books ..

This mentality is scary .... and I'm a bit angered by her seemingly resentment of people who have passports (ergo, travel)! Yikes, I went to college, have worked two jobs, raised a family (most of the time as a single parent), went back to school and STILL GOT A PASSPORT!

So, we have the maverick and the dimwit on one side of the ticket. I will conclude this by saying: I was a Republican until this year and changed my status based on the inefficiencies of George Bush and the same from McCain - it's not working - let's try something/someone else.

Her original quote: "I'm not one of those who maybe came from a background of, you know, kids who perhaps graduate college and their parents give them a passport and give them a backpack and say go off and travel the world. No, I've worked all my life. In fact, I usually had two jobs all my life until I had kids. I was not a part of, I guess, that culture."


girasoli said...

I missed that part but was shaking my head over her "good guys" and "bad guys" statement. I will be nice and not say exactly what I think of her. Glad to hear that you are voting on intelligence and issues rather than just party. Scary indeed if McCain/Palin win the election. I think a lot more people will be obtaining passports to flee the country!

flygirl said...

Sadly, I agree..I am hopeful tho for the country, a change, and the Red Sox.