Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Brr... please send me some warm thoughts, bloggers who are in the land of the sun, warmth, any place that's not cold -- anything would do.

Mostly Cloudy, 18°F at Logan Airport
as of 6:55 PM:

2° F Real Feel temp
13 mp/h Wind speed
W Wind direction
37% Relative humidity
30.12 in Barometric pressure
10 miles Visibility
Tanning Index: 1 of 10

I especially would like to draw your attention to the Real Feel temp and the 'tanning index'- are you kidding? Come on, today a '1' is a wind burn - not a tan.

1 comment:

girasoli said...

Wish I could send some warm weather your way. I hope it warms up soon for everyone!