Friday, January 30, 2009

HOT off the presses - Varitek stays

(Courtesy of the Boston Globe)

"Varitek, the popular Red Sox captain who is often praised for his game-calling and intangibles but is coming off by far his worst offensive season, came to terms on a one-year contract with a mutual second-year option, Red Sox officials confirmed this afternoon.
Varitek, who turns 37 on April 11, will earn $5 million in 2009, with the club holding a $5 million option for 2010. If the Red Sox do not pick up that option, Varitek has the choice of remaining with the club on a $3 million deal. In '10, he can earn another $2 million in incentives based on playing time, beginning at 80 games started."


girasoli said...

Too bad he listened to the greedy Boras. He could have had 10 million this year. And WHAT was he waiting for anyways??

flygirl said...

Exactly! I think Borad talked V into going for gold - now he only has the bronze -- when he could have had the silver. Altho he's batting average is better than when Charlon Fiske's, he pretty much did 'zero' for runs toward the end of the season. He's getting older too....

Wonder if Boras is still his agent? He's Manny R' too, I think, and there's a man currently without a team. Greed rears it's ugly head in many ways.