Monday, March 9, 2009

Big Brother is Watching You - Shop?

Does anyone use the ‘shopping buddy’ at their grocery store? I'm not sure whether this technology is readily available. But I used it this weekend while food shopping at our local Stop and Shop. Food shopping is one of my least liked chores - sort of like ironing, making the bed, dusting, etc. etc. I always thought it a waste of time and energy/unnecessary duplication of tasks to place grocery items in a cart only to take them out of the cart at checkout and then put them back in the cart after bagging. So the availability of this new techno gadget was appealing = scan, bag and checkout from your cart!

An added 'bene' - the savings offered on some items as a ‘gift’ for using this gizmo. The idea of a running total for items spent/saved was helpful to the budget.

Downside – I’m not a good bagger and this procedure works efficiently IF you bag your items as you go. (Prior to shopping, load up on plastic bags in specifically designed carts that hold the bags open.) Some of the negatives: uses plastic bags -for those who are green-conscious might be irritating. Spent more time shopping (scanning and bagging items). The store’s publicity states this is not taking the jobs away from employees as you still checkout to complete your transactions/pay for the items/give coupons, etc. But, once again the human touch is replaced by efficiency….. Hmmmm - Will grocery shopping go the way of the # sign? Am I revealing even more of my personal information and shopping habits to strangers?

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