Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hawaii (or any place warm) Dreamin'

Guess I'm just eager to have Spring (a/k/a warm weather) arrive on the East Coast, but the reality is a snow storm is predicted once again. Girasoli, keep those warm, wonderful palm silhouettes and sunrise photos coming!

However, it's coming - spring, warmer weather and the Red Sox!

I'm posting a photo of Boston College's (where I work) baseball team. It's an annual event to kick-off their respective seasons for the Red Sox and BC to play a game in Florida. It's a treat for the players altho BC generally loses - and loses big time. No mercy by the Red Sox players.
(Photo courtesy of Boston Globe)


girasoli said...

Thanks so much for your comments on my blog. I am feeling much better today now that I am back at work.

I had to laugh at this because you are not going to find much warmth here either. I have had my down comforter on my bed since the beginning of January and I live in Ewa! I wore my fleece all day long last week and was still cold. I have not worn shorts in a while now. We have had cold (for us) whipping north winds. Same weather predicted all this week.

I see though that it is much colder there...can't believe it snowed again!

I read that for a couple of innings they were in jeopardy of losing the game to BC this year! Didn't know you worked there. My uncle went there many many moons ago and still roots for BC.

Can't wait til April when the Red Sox start playing!! GO SOX!!

flygirl said...

I have to admit I felt my heart palpitate when I saw highlights from a preseason game - and the Red Sox lost! Can't wait. Ty and I are trying to get tickets (without paying an astronomical price) for preseason game against the Mets (his favorite team - go figure - at least it's not the Yankees) when they play in NY - will stay with my daughter.

I have been reading about the stabbing in the Advertiser - such a sad incident and the family seems soo young to be dealing with such tragedy. There seems to be a little too much hatred and frustration in the world today.