Sunday, March 8, 2009

St. Paul de Vence

I was pleasantly surprised to discover a soap left over from my trip last year to the French and Italian Riviera - Fragonaud - heavenly. But I digress. My thoughts took me back to St. Paul de Vence. I'm not a France fan but these medieval hill towns are a beckoning, magnetic force to my travel bug. If I were able, I think I would take a trip just visiting these towns on the Cote D'Azur.

St. Paul is a beautiful medieval fortified village perched on a narrow spur between two deep valleys. Set between the Mediterranean Sea and the Alps. Its location gives you a great view of the village from the La Colle road to the east or the Cagnes-Vence road to the west. A bucolic town - charming, quaint, cobblestoned streets with photogenic archways and picturesque entry ways - grandiose vistas - great walking town. Even a bocce game in the square (wonder if it's called bocce in France?).

This town seduced many painters including chagall, renoir and matisse.


barb cabot said...

I love fragrant soaps. What a treat to find one hidden among your things. Love your photos of this quaint village.

Trekcapri said...

Hi Flygirl, ST. Paul de Vence sounds like a wonderful town to visit in France. I love your photos! Seems like a place to really relax and take in the beauty and local life which I have grown to love doing these last couple of years. Maybe I'll think about adding a bit of France back on my travel radar!

Thanks for this great post and for sharing your experiences and photos in this part of France. I enjoyed it very much!

Annie said...

Nice post and I love the photos. I can see why that area attracted those great artists.