Monday, February 23, 2009

The Color of Yellow

The Color of Yellow

And what does it feel like?" we asked.
"Well, " she said,
leaning over to us like a secret,
"it feels like a gust of wind
blowing inside your heart.
It feels like bright yellow paint."

~ Monique Duvall, The Persistence of Yellow

One of my favorite flowers - plumeria - can't you smell them?


Trekcapri said...

Hi Flygirl, beautiful photo and lovely saying. The plumeria's fagrance is wonderful!

Have a great day!

barb cabot said...

I love this post. When I was 18 I spent the summer in Hawaii, going to the University there. Life was gentle and easy. Classes til 10 a.m. and then straight to the beach everyday. Your photo of plumerias remind me of that summer. Stringing leis out of Plumeria, smelling their sweetness, the feel of sun on my shoulders. Perfection. Love the quote too. Thank you.

girasoli said...

This is one of my favorite local flowers - the white ones with the drop of yellow in the middle. One of the first places I lived at had a plumeria tree by the entrance. I love this flower. I have also made my share of plumeria leis.