Saturday, February 7, 2009

Longing for Summer

It's the doldrums of winter on the East Coast, a prolonged winter which I and everyone else in our circle blames Ty for disturbing the coastal karma and upsetting the balance of winter and summer with his relocation.. But, I digress..

This weariness, coldness and the anticipation of the next photohunt's subject, nautical, which is near and dear to my heart, got me reminiscing of my Falmouth time...where I spend most summer weekend days.

About 45 minutes into my summer escape by car and crossing over the Bourne bridge, the smell of salt air is like a sedative for all that is good.

Here's where I spend my summers -Falmouth and on the water. Clamming and quahogging in the mud at low tide. In my very young days, we spent every summer at the Cape (not Falmouth, but Dennisport) and my uncles would quahog and clam and bring home brimming buckets that my grandmother and aunts quickly stuffed, baked and steamed. Mmmm- I didn't realize what a treat this was then.

Quality time is spent at the beach. Here are a few of Falmouth's beaches along with the dock and Falmouth harbor. It captures the beauty of this shore.


girasoli said...

I really miss steamed clams (steamers). They were always my favorite (besides lobster of course). Great photos! The one of the house makes me think of the Kennedy compound - I am sure it is not, but that was what first came to mind. I wish it was summer for you already. It is muggy here today.

flygirl said...

Muggy,yes, I could do muggy!