Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Letter Meme = Taking the plunge

To participate, all you have to do is ask for your letter, and will have an instant topic to post about.

Girasoli ( gave me letter ‘p’. Here’s my 10 items.

1. Pizza – I’m Italian – how could I not love pizza? Although ‘pasta’ generally wins over pizza.

2. Photography – one of my many hobbies. Helps keep the creative light within.

3. Psychology – A college major. Also enjoy reading books dealing with this topic.

4. Parochial School – elementary and high school

5. Palmer method – see #4.

6. Poi – a staple of Hawaiian people – something my fiancĂ© misses most about his homeland. I can’t bring myself to eat the purplish starchy acrid paste – sorry.

7. Patriots – I’m from Boston – how could I NOT say this one. Also brings to mind ‘Paul Revere’.

8. Peanut Butter – slowly becoming my favorite snack – good for protein, fiber – a metabolism boost when exercising.

9. Pam – my sister’s name.

10. Pikake - favorite scent of the Hawaiian Islands - that and 'plumeria' - always reminds me of stepping foot on Oahu for the first time.

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girasoli said...

You know, I decided not to give you the letter B for obvious reasons...much too easy. Then of course R and S were out - Red Sox. I was just about to give you F when I though of Fenway. Can't believe I forgot about the Patriots for the letter P! I would have also gone with pizza, photography, poi and the Patriots (although not a huge football fan). I just wrote a blog post about poi tonight. :)