Thursday, February 12, 2009

Italian Films

I began created a home dvd library, stocking it with movies made in Italy. Romantic or suspense movies are my primary focus …Godfather, not soo much.

Would like to expand my library. Have any suggestions for other movies? This is what I have so far:

A Good Woman
Under the Tuscan Sun
The Talented Mr. Ripley
Dangrous Beauty
The Italian Job El Postino
Life is Beautiful


Annie said...

Bread and Tulips! (Pane e Tulipani). Filmed in Venice and just a perfectly sweet romantic comedy (not sappy!).

Agatha and the Storm by the same director is good too. It was filmed in Genoa.

Here's a link to a thread on Slow Talk with some others.

I have not seen The Talented Mr. Ripley yet - need to add that to my netflix list.

Oh, and Casanova (with Heath Ledger) was better than I thought it would be (even though some of the Venice scenes looked computerized to me).

Wings of a Dove
Room with a View

flygirl said...

Wow - Thanks, Annie, for expanding my video library!

girasoli said...

Tea with Mussolini
Cinema Paradiso
Roman Holiday
Only You
Stealing Beauty
It Started in Naples
The Best of Youth
The Garden of the Finzi-Continis
Shadows in the Sun
In Love & War

flygirl said...

wow - thanks! This is fantastic.

barb cabot said...

I second Girasoli's "Summertime" with Kathrine Hepburn. It's one of my favorites. I alsolike Stealing Beauty and Annie's Bread and Tulips and Agatha and the Storm. "Io Non Ho Paura" gives you a sense of what Southern Italy small towns look like. Venosa the town that I blogged about is not so far from where this was filmed. Also "Ciao Professore" is a really cute film. You can rent it on Netflix. The children were real, not actors. The title in english is "I am not afraid".