Friday, February 6, 2009

In anticipation

of the PhotoHunt this Saturday, I am posting 'bridge' photos that did not make my No. 1 Cut. I have a 'thing' about photographing bridges. The first is taken from a boat entering Nantucket Harbor (it might be hard to see but a small walkway bridge connecting the road; probably one of my most interesting places to visit Spain, the old road into Toledo is beside Nantucket; and last (but not least) is Italy, Casel Sant'Angelo.


girasoli said...

Beautiful photos. I also have tons of bridge photos. Didn't know you have been to Spain.

flygirl said...

Si, spent two weeks in Spain - visiting Madrid, Todelo, Seville and Southern Spain, Andalusia region. It was a wonderful trip. Lovely architecture and landscapes and people. However, Italy has it way over Spain with food !!