Thursday, February 5, 2009

When is Home, HOME?

Most of you know that Ty moved from Hawaii to Boston in June. After 7 months, is Boston home? We have this discussion frequently. I mean, yes, physically the move has been made - lifetime items have been shifted through, boxes shipped, territory in a home has been mapped out for personal, private space.

But, there is an entire psychological component to one's thinking that prepares the psyche to imagine a place as a home. Is it when you know all the local ad jingles, or when you can find your way in an unfamiliar place, or when you secure a driver's license from your newly-adopted state, or gain permanent status in your job? Is it ever really home?

The adaptation seemingly has gone smoothly for him. Not sure I could have handled it so well. I was in Hawaii for over two years and came home to say "goodbye" to Boston to move everything out to Oahu permanently and didn't do it. A number of factors entered into my staying in Boston but it was a tug of mind for me.

So, when is home HOME?


girasoli said...

That's a hard question. Hawaii is definitely home for me and was home pretty soon after I arrived here. When I would go back to Massachusetts for a visit, friends would always ask me how it felt to be home. They couldn't understand that Massachusetts was no longer home for me. I have wonderful memories of Mass. and it will always be a part of my life. I grew up there. I am from there, but Hawaii is where I feel comfortable. Where I feel at home. Hard to describe. I guess it is a feeling you have. I fit in here in most ways. The pace is slow and laid back, even though I am more hyper, I am exhausted when I go back to Mass. and watch the fast pace there. When I am in LA or San Francisco at the airport and I hear all the local accents, I get this feeling that I am heading back home again.

flygirl said...

It's interesting. I think one can adapt quickly in most cases. I was at that 'tipping' point when I returned to Boston. It was a difficult decision but I was in my 20s at the time and the pace of urban life was attractive and Hawaii was nice but I knew I would tire of it. Now, not soo much!