Saturday, February 7, 2009

PhotoHunt: Bridges

The Lenny Zakim bridge, that spans over the Charles River from Boston's North End and connects to Charlestown, is probably the most gorgeous hunk of steel and cables in the US, IMHO. It's creation was part of Boston's Big Dig Project (yes, finally completed) and is in the place of what Bostonians knew as the Bunker Hill Bridge. It's where Paul Revere crossed the Charles in his 'British are coming' charge. It's known as the world's widest cable bridge.

For those familiar with the North End, the picture that has the water is located now on a bricked walkway from Faneiul Market to the North End (in front of where Martinetti's Liquors used to reside.

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girasoli said...

I have not yet been on the new bridge (at least I don't think so). I know just where Martignetti's Liquors used to be...didn't know it was gone. My great great grandmother's name was Martignetti. I always wondered if I was related to the owner (or original owner). Cool photos!